Seven Seven-Minute Ways to Lose 7.7 KG in 7.77 Days

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Seven Seven-Minute Ways to Lose 7.7 KG in 7.77 Days

1. Stop eating

2. No only joking……

Here’s the real deal… Number 7 is the most important…..

1. Take Cold Showers instead of hot. Cold showers increase your metabolism, just like being in cold weather increases weight loss through increased metabolic rate. Drinking Ice water, although bad for digestion (beware of getting bunged up in the bowels) really increases weight loss.

2. Binge – the problem with most people’s diet program is they deny, deny, deny, deny, deny then binge, binge, binge. Instead of having a little treat everyday, binge on Saturday. Make Saturday your “I’ll eat it all” day.. and just go for it… in fact, – binging one day a week actually causes weight loss. Provided the other 6 days are not mini snacked to death.

3. Exercise a different muscle group every day. Doing one exercise, like bike riding every day eventually builds a plateau in weight loss because – well because – you get good at it. Unless you can increase the load (pedal faster and harder) you’ll eventually be needing to ride 200 miles a day to cause any burn.

4. Drink water – obvious one

5. Eliminate the following foods from your diet for 6 of 7 days a week. Sugar in drinks, white carbohydrates (bread, pastry, pasta, rice, dairy) and of course greasy food and to replace them, use protein rich foods such as dahl, beans, fish, chicken etc…. all green veggies are limitless…..

6. Be happy…. it’s absolutely proven that those who think they need cuddling – in other words have some sort of depression going on, retain fluid and fat. Joy doesn’t come from what you do or what needs to be done, or what you have or what you get rid of, it comes from just being thankful for NOW.

7. Have a friggin big dream… Inspiration, combined with good eating is the essential ingredient so often missing from people’s weight loss regime. Do you notice people who lost their real dream and start living for the NOW and have all sorts of religious or moral righteousness taking over their lives get fat. Self Obsession can only take control when we get insecure about the future, and inspiration, ie when the inner voice of certainty about the future, replaces the outer voices of uncertainty about the future. Go inside, find your authentic self, create a vision quest and put this down to paper, audio or video. There’s probably no faster way to lose weight than this alone. We’ve been helping people do family, personal, couple, team, business Vision Quest for almost 30 years, and truly, that’s where health and weight loss starts.

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[Revised and Updated for January 2019]
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Written by Liz S. Miller, well versed writer at JudyDiets Publication