Get Ripped Fast: Rapid Fat Loss Principles

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Get Ripped Fast: Rapid Fat Loss Principles

Are you tired of being and looking to get ripped fast? Are you sick of searching endlessly for information and tactics on how to lose fat the fastest? The following are five principles you must follow in order to lose weight at record speeds. We are not talking 1 or 2 pounds a week here. We are talking about the loss of a serious amount of fat..this is game changing fat loss.

Five Principles to Get Ripped Fast

1. Fix Your Broken Metabolism

Endless dieting and crash diets can put a damper on your fat loss efforts. If you have been following one of these diets for any period of time your metabolism could have been affected. The reason for this is because there is a hormone in your body called leptin. Leptin regulates a number of metabolic processes in the body and is a critical component of fat loss. Interestingly, leptin levels fall dramatically within the first week of dieting. This is the reason your body experiences what fitness experts call a plateau. In order to continue losing fat, you must regulate your leptin levels and bring it back to its baseline. You can reset your leptin levels and increase your metabolism by implementing strategic high calorie cheat days in your diet. In fact, the worse the food is for you the more successful you will be in raising your leptin levels. This will allow you to get ripped fast and keep your body guessing so you can continue to lose pounds of fat week after week. The body is incredibly intelligent when it comes to recognizing changes in your diet or caloric intake, which is why you see those dramatic decreases in fat loss after several weeks of dieting and exercising.

2. Create an Extreme Caloric Deficit

A pound of fat equals 3500 calories. If you want to lose a pound of fat in a week you must create a 3500 calorie deficit.

Two ways to create a caloric deficiency to get ripped fast:

– burn calories through activities such as exercise
– reduce the amount of calories you eat throughout the week

Remember if you drop your calories significantly, so does your leptin levels and you risk metabolic shutdown. However, you will not have to worry about this if your leptin levels are at their highest. The best time to create an extreme caloric deficiency is after a cheat day. As noted above, leptin levels are at their highest after a cheat day. This type of setup can actually yield a pound of pure fat loss in a day. Most would consider 1 pound of fat lost in an entire week very good so this is amazing progress.

3. Diet and Training Must Work Together

Whenever you start a diet or training program, it is incredibly important that your exercise and diet plan go together or are synergistic with one another. You would not use a wrench to pound in a nail so do not use a diet designed for mass gain with training designed to lose weight. When talking about how to get ripped fast, it is incredibly important not only to consider how much exercise you doing but the type of exercise you're performing. One example is called lactic acid training. Lactic acid training is designed to increase hormone output in the body. The great thing about lactic acid training is that it forces your body to build muscle and lose a ridiculous amount of fat at the same time.

4. Avoid Incremented Weight Gain

While on a normal diet and experiencing a loss of one pound per week, you'll slowly plateau to the point where fat loss stops completely. By utilizing cheat days in your diet, you should now be able to lose 2 pounds of fat per week and experience no decrease in fat loss or plateau. However, the cheat day will result in some positive fat gain, which if eliminated would enable you to get ripped fast. In order to eliminate this positive fat gain, you should incorporate strategic training to deplete muscle glycogen and triglyceride stores completely. If you perform this type of training before the cheat day you now eliminated any positive fat gain all while still experiencing the same increase in metabolism and boost in hormones.

5. Maintenance of Existing Lean Body Mass

Whenever your body experiences a long-term caloric deficiency, it has to seek other sources for energy since you are not eating as much. The problem arises that the body does not like to maintain muscle mass while in starvation mode. Fat is literal "dead weight". The body does not use calories to maintain fat, however, muscle mass requires energy to maintain. Therefore, the body will resort to using muscle for its energy during long bouts of dieting. Lean muscle essentially controls your metabolism. If you lose muscle mass, there goes your metabolism. However, by utilizing the strategic cheat days and training days you can make your body think that you are not in a long-term caloric restriction in order to get ripped fast.

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