Are You A Happy Person, What Do You Say?

What do you say about yourself? Are you a happy person? If your reply is in negative then you need to think over it. All your education, intelligence, money, status and success is meaningless if you are not living a happy life. What is the reason of living if a person is not happy with his life?

I firmly believe that it is the right of every person to live a happy life but most people are not aware how to. Psychologists believe that 90% of our happiness depends on us while 10% depends on external circumstances, on which we have no or little control. If we are not living a happy life then it means that we are depriving ourselves of our 90% happiness due to our own narrow or negative thinking.

Always keep in mind that happiness has nothing to do with money or circumstances. I have seen rich people living unhappy life and poor people living happy life. In fact, it is the inner state of one's mind which keeps a person happy. You need to train your mind to be happy. If you decide to be happy no one can snatch your happiness. Some people are so much determined to be happy that even living in the worst circumstances, they manage to keep themselves happy. I salute such positive people.

I must stress that the top most reason of being unhappy is the negative thinking of a person. Negativity can ruin a person's life beyond imagination. My motto is "Positive Thinking, Happy Living". I am of the view that if you think positively, you can live happily, no matter whatever your circumstances. It is up to you how do you want to spend your life. How do you see, feel and live your life. How do you treat yourself, being a happy or an unhappy person.

It is a painful fact that the number of unhappy people in this world is increasing at a much higher pace than the happy people. On a daily basis, you see unhappy people everywhere, in the streets and in any business or organization, whereas, happy, helpful and cheerful people are rare to find. Because of the unsatisfied human nature, we are not in the habit of appreciating what we have. We have linked our happiness with the accumulation of material things and this is our biggest mistake. Things do not give happiness, thinking does.

To be happy is much easier than you think. All that you need is to cultivate the seeds of happiness in your mind. Why depend on others or circumstances? Why not create your own world, your own joy and your own happiness. No one else can make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Be the master of your own fate and the master of your own happiness. Choose to be happy. Bury your worries deep in the soil and start digging out the gems of happiness from there.

Start living your life as a happy person. A happy person gets happiness by giving and sharing. Share your fortunes with the less fortunate people. The more you give the more you get happiness in abundance and that is the beauty of giving. A kind hearted person is a happy person. Be a kind person. Be a helpful person. Appreciate the good qualities of other people.

Start your day with a positive state of mind. Every morning bow your head before God in gratitude for all His blessings. Be grateful to God for being in good health. Spend some time in praying and early morning meditation.

Be the master of your own destiny and the torch bearer of your happiness. Always keep in mind that a happy person:

– fights negativity with full force

– lives a purposeful and meaningful life

– is an honest and hardworking person

– is a kind and helpful person

– is a creative person who can create something out of nothing

– spends some time alone in meditation and establishing a link with God

Not only live your life as a happy person but also spread happiness. Making other people happy is not only a great service of mank but but also a source of seeking inner happiness.

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