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  1. 20 grand fine for a misdemeanor offence! that's more criminal than the offence. straight into his pockets.

  2. the headline is wrong as its not drunk driving as the charge is called drink driving as your headline indicates he was drunk at the wheel when that as not been stated

  3. Didn't seem like Bobby was too upset by this today…. Man of the match! maybe he "thought he was drinking diet coke" like YaYa. I guess Phil will have to drive him around for a bit.

  4. what a role model for Liverpool fans hey

  5. hes shit anyway, origi is better

  6. As a coach of young men myself I do hope he gets dropped. With how much money he makes a fine is just a small hit. A talking to only goes so far, but no player wants to be dropped or suspended. I've found benching to be more effective than suspending because they have to sit there and watch the game play out without being able to contribute.

  7. tom your my favourite youtber

  8. fuckn discrace as long as he bangs in the goals today it wont matter fuck all

  9. Not guilty till court trial against him.

  10. This is so bad I'm afraid this will bring negative energy in our team

  11. the police were probably shocked af . I can imagine ,they prob asked for his autograph😂

  12. not really a shock   majorty of the footballers do it think there above the law and can do what they want   its not right  but that's life his not the 1st not by a long shot and he def wont be the last

  13. as a Chelsea fan hopefully Firmino gets a long lengthy ban

  14. You're dumb everyone matures around 30 25 is when you still fk around

  15. average attacker rarely shoots with pace and accuracy hence His lack of goals recently (no CM to feed his tap ins). FSG mostly buys cheap potentials (sometimes with character problems or injury prone). He is one of them. Never liked him and now he has shown me why. Only a bad person of such high profile will drink and drive. selfish, delinquent and an all round Ahole.

  16. This is just the opposite of what Liverpool needed! Thanks Firmino well done!

  17. I'm so annoyed that he's missing the Chelsea game! The biggest game this season!!!!!!

  18. That firmino tho he sucks when hes sober too

  19. Disgusted to see the attitude of this Liverpool footballer who is earning a fortune.
    When will these overpaid celebrity footballers learn, does someone not put a curfew on these footballers to have the use of a car or to even be out in the city at this ridiculously late time. Liverpool football club should punish him and put him on a curfew which lasts throughout his driving ban or seriously this can distract his game which directly impacts Liverpool football club.

  20. Hi Tom you haven't started the my player Career mode

  21. Klopp will bollock Firmino for this, I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of him, and getting arrested for drunk driving will certainly put firmino on the wrong side of Klopp. No excuses, firstly he shouldn't drinking and secondly how hard is it to get a taxi I don't know if he didn't think he was over the limit or something but he shouldn't drinking so it makes no difference, he's a professional football player.

  22. Sturridge finally gets a start then!


  24. Liam Martin are u brain dead u fucking retard rubbish player what great for us what's ye point no wonder ye a Manc u shit bag get lost idiot

  25. I am a liverpool fan but he has money to get a taxi I love him but who are we are playing against v stoke notttt sturridge plz origi and who ings is injured oh god its sturridge

  26. he is a human as well

  27. Don't mess with Jurgen klopp…firmino needs to be spoken to..something's gone wrong..not playing well..drink driving..court..doesn't look good..YNWA

  28. I'm so frustrated that he will be out for the Chelsea game , he is one of our key players . If this cost us the title it will be a big disappointment

  29. It was Liverpool police, the worst ever. Plus this always happens. Police just don't like LFC

  30. Not great. It happened. Klopp will give him a bollocking. A nice fine from Liverpool and the court. And we carry on

  31. Klopp should not play him next game to set a precedent

  32. Frimino is a freaking moron. We want to challenge for the league title, and he freaking drink diving. Freaking idiot. If he doesn't care about Liverpool FC, GTFO our club. We don't need idiots like him. That could cost us to in the top 4 this season. If we don't get top 4. I will be very angry and frustrated.

  33. wtf😑😑
    india has 100 acceptance limit

  34. Will Firmino be suspended and Ings coutinho firmino and mane will be out so liverpools attack and midfield should be wijnaldum Sturridge (Lucas or Moreno if Sturridge gets injured) Origi Can Henderson Lallana

  35. Jurgen Klopp will slap him bum bum ✋

  36. I bet Klopp is pissed of

  37. WTF is he doing. I am very serious about this. If he doesn't care about Liverpool, GTFO our club.

  38. The same thing happened to sakho hope it does not happen to him

  39. Drunk driving is like attempted murder I think. I can't forgive Firmino..

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