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WEIGHT LIFTING FAILS ★ BEST Weightlifting Fails [Epic Fails]

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WEIGHT LIFTING FAILS ☆ BEST Weightlifting Fails. Check this video out! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/EpicFailsChannel | Facebook: http://bit.ly/EpicFailsFB Submit …

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  2. 1:19 I'd do this tbh. Only to have her pussy in my face.

  3. 2:03 GOT ME DEAD 💀💀💀💀

  4. I think the guy at 0:28 died there's no way you'd survive all that weight hitting your neck

  5. Can anyone tell why they twitch after blacking out?? Arnt you suppose to be unable to move once you black out


  7. Why does that shit happen sometimes where the person just passes out or faints for a second

  8. hahaha you have to know your limits to raise them!!

  9. You can die from this 🙂

  10. That is exactly why I stick to aesthetics.

  11. Did anyone else die of laughter after the announcer guy towards the end of the video said, "Okay, lets go to six hundred", LOL!?!?!

  12. 0:34 & 3:30 are they alive?? I'm so worried now

  13. 2:15 he thought he was dead lmao

  14. :26 was crazy. It's like they witnessed him die to graceful music😂😂

  15. love the dude on 2:04, he won! loll

  16. 3:43 "okay, lets go to 600…"

  17. Thats why I don't lift. I rather be naturally strong

  18. 0:55 This is very bad. I am 1.80 and 68 kgs, he is 2 times skinnier than me. He doesn't even know the form of squat and he tries to impress his friends (or whatever those guys he is talking to are) by putting much more weight than he can handle. Shiiiiit man you have to be patient with your progress.

  19. 1.30 all planned!!!

  20. Its always the same damn videos! Sux

  21. This is what happens when you lift to much, you need to build your strength and let your body transform

  22. This is the reason i train with only 10kg each arm ^^

  23. The guy @ 0:24 sounds like Link from Legend of Zelda lol.

  24. Yes this is why you always have someone to spot you

  25. I'd say that was a win for the guy benching the girl

  26. 2:05 that's what you get for using fake weights

  27. Olympic weightlifters are never a fail. I dislike every video of gym fails where i see olympians.

  28. All reasons why you need a fuckin a spotter

  29. Man i was a power lifter for 10+ years and these people, well you just know when they can't do something by looking at them, like if they're too small however i suppose i am shocked by all the people passing out, never happened to me but i'm sure those people should not be lifting anything over 80lbs.

  30. i thought the first one was funny, but what was that fuckin skinny kid thinking.

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