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The Benefits of Intelligence

*Today Special Deal* Having intellectual prowess is a value that is often disregarded amongst people, but as I’ll set to set straight, is a much valuable asset to own. I’ve never considered myself to have genius level intelligence, but I have a thirst for knowledge and excellent retention and as …

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How to Clean a Violin Bow the Correct Way

*Today Special Deal* Cleaning a violin bow is very important. However, the bow is very delicate so there is great care that needs to be taking when cleaning. This is something that should be done by an adult to ensure that no damage is done. I must say that your …

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Can I Become a Video Game Tester If I’m Under 18?

*Today Special Deal* If you’re under 18 and wondering if you can get a video game testing job, the simple answer is yes. There are a few cases in which you will be eligible to become a video game tester. Unfortunately, your options are more limited than they would be …

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Removable Skylights

*Today Special Deal* Removable Skylight: Brighten Up your Room in the Easiest Way Possible Deciding on whether to opt for a fixed or a removable skylight is an important consideration before making the final purchase. These removable home enhancement devices can be opened up to vent heat buildup and allow …

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Beauty Makeup Tips

*Today Special Deal* There is nothing worse than a woman with lots of makeup on. It can make you look old and draggish. I don’t wear makeup in public but I do put it on when taking photographs or making videos of myself and sometimes I can look like those …

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Discount Perfumes At Bargain Prices

*Today Special Deal* On special occasions, selecting the perfect gift for that special woman in your life may seem hard. One fail-proof gift idea is … Perfume. What woman does not love perfume? Perfume makes a wonderful gift for women of all ages. It helps them feel confident and flattering, …

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How to Select an Agility Tunnel

*Today Special Deal* Okay, so you’ve decided you want to do some agility training with your dog. That’s great! You’ve seen some competitions, know you need some dog agility equipment, and decide to go to the pet store looking for some of the standard training items such as a tunnel. …

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Can Jumping on a Rebounder Improve Your Eyesight?

*Today Special Deal* While there are some medical procedures out there to help improve eyesight they can be risky and expensive. Glasses and contacts are also costly as well as something you have to keep track of. You can improve your eyesight on your own by jumping on a rebounder. …

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Signs of Jealousy

*Today Special Deal* When someone feels jealous, subconsciously their gestures and body language may sell him/her out via what we call the signs of jealousy. Those signs, if we know how to discern them, can help us a lot in our endeavor to have a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with …

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