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  1. just a couple of bradberrys

  2. what a couple of bradberries

  3. It's honestly pretty funny when Ethan does it.

  4. ethan and his ethan wannabe brother

  5. do a part 2 you assholes

  6. Notorious B I G trying to eating bruh

  7. Yup, Psychopath confirmed, no need to look at too many more videos, or even look for longer than 15 secs… Ethan Slamberry gave me cancer

  8. Moe is nowhere near as crazy sounding as Ethan, lmao love it!

  9. I am Ethan Bradberry!!!

  10. GOOD MOVES ETHAN PROUD OF YOU !!!!!!!!1!1111!!!1

  11. This is worse than my pranks

  12. the like to dislike ratio is SLAMMMIN

  13. This is actually funny

  14. When Moe does it, there is some sort of response like people laughing or talking shit to him.
    When Ethan does it, everyone just gets the fuck out of there as soon as possible.

  15. Their mum should have kept her legs closed.

  16. i like the part when they said SLAMMMMIN!!

  17. when u smoke too much crack

  18. It's taken me a while, but now I get it. The true Bradberry moment of genius out of this whole thing is the one at 1:46. Look at Ethan's perfect form and the pure confidence he exudes when he just goes for it. I keep watching that one over and over and I'm in tears laughing. I'm also completely deaf now, but it was worth it. Thanks, Bradberries.

  19. came here from a cringe comp haha

  20. I love how batshit crazy Ethan is and Moe tries to replicate it but he just can't be as fucking insane as Ethan Bradberry

  21. I love how he gets absolutely destroyed by the girls 1:301:40


  23. you two guys are piles of shit

  24. Slammmmmmmmmmmminnnnn÷$,$*++×++(.#(,|×50293×:+(.+÷+|&+|₹/|₹*3/@(×'92?,9!!!!!!!

  25. No one laughed. all you did was frighten and confuse people. You banshee

  26. come on if frank did the same thing you would like it

  27. I kinda feel sorry for Ethan. He's clearly suffering from some sort of serious mental illness. It's quite obvious. It's just disappointing to see Moe take advantage of a guy who was clearly dropkicked by his own parents like a football.

  28. okay so that guy was in on the prank to get donut spat in his eye. hmmm very fucking pointless I hope you're paying him 50% of what you're making on this video and you fuckberries get 25% each.

  29. 1:52 thinking "white people bruh"

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