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Most Awesome Bull Fight Fails – Top funny videos Try Not to Laugh – FUNNY CRAZY Bull Fails

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  1. not funny at all!Awful to do this.

  2. Why do you post shit like this?

  3. I had to laugh at that idiot who was completely de-bagged by that Magnificant Bull…but its really iis not funny its cruel and barbaric and should be outlawed in this day and age !!!

  4. awesome, I like this video

  5. WTF do they want from bulls anyway? I know it's meat but c'mon at least give the animals ability to be free. I love how the bull flung the people around. my favorite part

  6. No compassion for the Spaniards ? They deserve injury ? They seek injury and they surely do not seek compassion ! As for the bull, it has a better life than a cow on a farm, – at least it gets to kick some arse !

  7. Well guys you don't know bull just attacked me And I'm have no legs anymore you don't know how I crying for help

  8. it's not so funny pelope are die!!!!

  9. These morons actually believe there's something brave in tormenting animals to distraction and prancing around like a tit in front of them . But, being cowards, they take the precaution of encumbering the animal with a strong rope, and just to stack the odds in their favour, they cut the tips off their horns to make them blunt. And even then these 'men' run away after their minimal stint of being 'brave'. PUSSIES.

  10. Абсолютно не понимаю этих людей. Страшное зрелище. Для адреалина? Значит, люди хорошо живут.

  11. Matar todos estes cabrões é pouco ! Falta matar também a organização e comerciantes dos animais com a finalidade de dar ligar a esta carnificina. Espero sempre que os animais sofram pouco e matem o mais possível estes seres abomináveis de duas patas.

  12. Take the rope off,stop burning the horns.

  13. This is dumber than skateboarding tricks…

    I've been wondering what bullfights look like so I had to see. Hmm from Spain. I wonder what they would say to all these comments? They're being dumb being of the idea of confusing courage with unecessary High Risk and .. something else?

  14. Net goed, deze stier moet in zijn eentje vechten tegen zulke sadistische mensen. Geen gevoel en genieten van de pijn die het dier doormaakt. Iedereen mag van mij  een hoorn proeven in je nek of je ballen of je buik. KLOOTZAKKEN zijn deze mensen.

  15. I hope at least a few people died.

  16. These comments are fucking pathetic. You people know nothing about these peoples traditions and culture. Grow up and quit spitting in the face of other people.

  17. Its bad enuf we brand, slaughter, drink their breast milf and put their skins on our couches,… now we got to taunt them becuz we have nothing better to do,. ………..FUCKIN HUMAN COWARDS!!!

  18. Bulls are hilarious. They know just how to hit people for optimum height and ragdoll effect.

  19. espero el toro acabe con tanta gente tan brutal

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