Home / entertainment / Mexican Cartel DRIVE BY SHOOTING Prank (GONE WRONG) – Hood Pranks – Public Prank – Funny Videos 2016

Mexican Cartel DRIVE BY SHOOTING Prank (GONE WRONG) – Hood Pranks – Public Prank – Funny Videos 2016

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Mexican Cartel DRIVE BY SHOOTING Prank (GONE WRONG) Prank & Pranks 2016 – Enjoy The Getting Shot in the Hood PRANK on People GONE WILD.

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  1. do more pranks like that in the hood

  2. this is staged. fake

  3. You guys do know, these things are fake right??

  4. im tired of dis hood pranks niggas in the hood got it bad enough we don't need the boy that cried wolf in the hood

  5. guns are scary, why the hell would you pretend that you where shooting someone , an average of 36 people are killed each day by guns.
    Really disrespectful and racist.

  6. fuck this clcik bait. Nothing even went wrong. Mexican cunt

  7. aweee this kinda mean ,

  8. You aint even gonna get 20mil wiews.

  9. this is how stupid mother fuckers get shot.

  10. Doing his is just insane. That's why my state has stand your ground law. We shoot back.

  11. the kids where not running away from bullets, they were running home to get there ak-47 to fight back, its hoods

  12. cone to east ATL U would've died

  13. yall should get Blanks for the Ak47 or Ar15 so it would be better of a prank in the hood :)

  14. i dont belive gone wrong until it reads rip

  15. I hate that stupid song on the add

  16. stupid prank that chubby boy could had a heart attack and this people might be traumatized now

  17. They did this shit in epa😂💀if the hood knew you its over💯

  18. what!!! it was supposed to go wrong

  19. I'll laugh when you get shot

  20. this is why people are thinking terrorist levels are going up

  21. man I watch this over an hour and I'm still 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. I live in the hood, there's a shooting at list ones a week, sometimes hours apart. I was laughing with this video.

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