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Kissing Pranks Sex Prank Kiss Any Girl Public Prank Social Experiment Funny Videos

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  1. You don't even show the full blow job!!

  2. 3:10 the reaction of the old man in the right lol😂

  3. why would anyone kiss a stranger

  4. Want to go behind it
    Her face was like hell no boy

  5. Hopefully nobody was trying to look

  6. I bet he edits all the one girls he gets rejected and he wants to be seen as a god but he's not a god

  7. this guy is the real stick man

  8. where's skinny ass mother f**** clothes

  9. bro why dose it look like he's wearing girl clothes what the hell and what girl kiss a guy that

  10. the last couple ish lol

  11. I have a boyfriend ….…………………………………(boyfriend two days after this video was released) not anymore you don't!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  12. You kiss 22 girls 💗

  13. When i was watching this i was peeing in my pants XD

  14. wow… I'd play the game for fun but if I lose I'd just walk off, why do they actually kiss him? why am I even here 😂

  15. Wtf do u do this wirh ur life

  16. we don't like your videos and if you ever did it to us I would slap you and slam your phone on the grownd

  17. did she kick you're ass

  18. Was she about to suck his d*ck

  19. I think they are doing it on purpose so they can kiss him who agreed with me

  20. why are these girls behaving like this … its unnatural to kiss someone as a girl spontanuously its even against biology

  21. what the f**k is this? What kind of guy goes up to a random girl and kisses them? Why do the girls even agree to kiss him?

  22. why does he do it in front of everyone


  24. How do you do the trick from 4:17, and what's the name of it?

  25. He only do these videos because he is very horny who doesn't have a real girlfriend

  26. i would probs suck your dick cutie ngl

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