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Kids Fail Compilation 2017 *TRY NOT TO LAUGH*

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TRY NOT TO LAUGH or GRIN – Funny Kids Fail Compilation of The Year 2017 Subscribe Here : https://goo.gl/IiCS4D.

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  1. How is this funny it's little kids getting hurt and the one with the baby almost being crushed to death by a piece of cardboard

  2. this isn't funny???????this just encourage's kids to hurt em self and these kids are crying do u think this is funny if that was u that was on a truck and fall down and start to cry??yea not funny stupid and mean????

  3. this is NOT a try not tk laugh cheleng. No wonder that n9bady liked the video.

  4. Wow f is wrong with you these kids are obviously hurt

  5. Fuck you your mean to babies ?

  6. Fuck you your mean to babies a* *

  7. Some of this shit would actually hurt so bad like when the horse kicked the kid in the leg, I bet it broke his leg

  8. 7:28 its not freaking funny……i mean if that were u,u might be dead now or have some broken bones

  9. 4:10 Österreichisch 😮 Wer kommt aller aus Österreich? xDDD

  10. This is more painful than funny.

  11. Stupid its not funny to see people getting hurt

  12. i couldn't laugh at all but felt pity for those poor kids and children getting hurt

  13. Like!!! Маладцы, Астальных в дупло!

  14. 0:47 some kids could be seriously injured? Better take a photo

  15. I must be a horrible person to think all these kids deserve this. ?

  16. You make good video FVV

  17. I don't think poor kids just bad entertainment fuck the kids

  18. Was this supposed to be funny or what that was horrible

  19. I fucking hate when kids do something stupid (all the time :/ ) and then cry!!! ??

  20. at around 7:25 that little kid's parents realized that there kid might die

  21. i know im cruel but i laugh when i hear babies are crying

  22. I for one think this is funny.

  23. the old memes always make me laugh. todays memes are boring

  24. do old memes edition. like weegee, troll face, hotel mario, moar crabs, and other old memes. lots of them are in old ytps

  25. Funny, that children are hurt and in pain? What kind of ignorant fagot thinks that is funny? Die in a fire while being raped by a telephone pole FVV! Thumbs down and reported.

  26. 5:57 "Get a treadmill' they said "It would be fun" they said

  27. wtf these are never funny

  28. Little kids getting hurt? thats not funny wtfget life

  29. They ask for three thousand in three hours and it's Been five hours and only 358

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