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Just A Bunch Of Scaredy Cats!

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Curiosity definitely scares the cat! Check out these hilarious cats getting startled by all sorts of things including fake spiders, kitchen timers, and even their own …

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  1. so funny the one at 0:09???????

  2. ???????????????????????????????????????????

  3. We once had a cat who was so afraid of the vacuum cleaner that if we even brought just a piece of the tubing near him, he would back up and swat at it!

  4. Last one hahahahahahaha

  5. what's the name of the song?

  6. The kitten caught in the plastic shopping bag gave me a sad. I had a Bengal kitten who nearly killed himself that way. The bag got caught on something while he was running at top speed and choked him so badly it left lasting damage to his trachea. :'( Otherwise, this is pretty hilariousl

  7. the first one was???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. Some owners are cruel haha poor cats

  9. I felt bad for the cats but then also thought it was funny.

  10. The last one is the best!! but I felt bad for all of them.

  11. omg, i laughed really really i almost pee hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa

  12. i like that video but what's the name of the music?

  13. The kittens in the last one do not welcome their vacuum overlord!

  14. Cats are dumb but they are pretty funny

  15. 0.59 cats like please don't cook me

  16. I love cats they always know how to make you laugh how anyone can live with out em is messed up

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