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How to Cut on Brochure Printing Costs

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We have two scenarios here. The first is where you regularly have to print brochures, as the nature of your business (or other work) dictates. The second is where you hardly ever have to print brochures, but where you are now presented with a situation where you have to print them. In either case, you are looking to keep your brochure printing costs down. You have already been given estimates (or worked them out yourself), and you feel that they are too high. So you are looking for ways through which you can cut such brochure printing costs. That, then, will be the focus of this discussion.

One of the ways through which you can cut on brochure printing costs, especially if such printing of brochures is something you have to do regularly, is to consider doing it in-house. The capital expenditure on this may not be as high as you may at first fear. If you already have organizational computers, all you have to do is load them with graphic design/desktop publishing software – some of which is available for free online, or at very nominal prices. In fact, it may well be that your computers already have such software; only that you have not been utilizing it. To do your brochure printing in-house, especially if you usually do the printing on a relatively small scale, you may not need to purchase a ‘room-filling’ gravure printing machine. Sometimes, a good quality, high resolution desktop printer may be all you need. Then, the money you have been spending floating tenders for the brochure printing, the money you have been spending on communications with the printing company, and the money you have been spending on shipment for the finished brochures would be money saved. Some of this software is so easy to operate that you don’t even need to hire a specialist to be doing the printing for you: any sensible person with some degree of confidence can produce professional looking printout with its help.

There are, however, situations where analysis reveals that the opposite is what you need to do, to cut on your brochure printing costs. This is where it turns out outsourcing the printing job to a company which has that as their core business would be better than doing it in-house, as you will have been doing. This would most probably be in a case where you usually run very large scale brochure printing jobs, where the specialist firms – utilizing the benefits of economies of scale – can deliver a better price to you than what it would cost you to maintain an in-house printing department.

If you are doing your brochure printing in-house on a small scale, trying to make use of the various free software tools developed for the purpose and available online can save you considerable sums of money you would otherwise have had to spend on proprietary graphic design/DTP software. But you also need to beware of what the trade-off for using the free software is, because sometimes, it turns out to be so high that the proprietary software becomes better.

Buying your printing supplies in bulk, rather than piecemeal, is another way you can cut your brochure printing costs considerably. When you buy in bulk from the right suppliers, you are availed of wholesale prices, and the difference between those and retail prices can be significant.

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