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HITMAN in Real Life PRANK by vitaly

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  1. Lol I d seen better graphics bruhh

  2. i thought i saw this on Nosterafu

  3. And I thought games were unrealistic when I could assassinate someone without people giving a rat's arse about it . . .

  4. Nice video but the people around the scenes r just dumbass..nobody reacts to it.

  5. Great reactions you got there.

  6. why the fuck are they just staring and standing there????????

  7. How tall is he damn

  8. this people are so dumb

  9. this is in austria

  10. i think you can do METAL GEAR SOLID PRANK

  11. what's up with the description? lol did you fall asleep on enter

  12. 2:25 *Drowns that dude to death*, The lady looking on her phone: *Meh…*. Like, what the fuck.

  13. Hey everyone can you guys please check out my new prank. thank you and have a wonderful day

  14. the real hidden person was the camera man

  15. thats germany
    we have no law or police here

    come here and enjoy ya life
    nobody cares….

  16. Oh man this is not the video to watch when eating. Laughed so hard spaghetti sauce ruined my shirt.

  17. people who lives in cities are REALLY numb, I'd check instantly if they where ok and call the cops/ambulance.. stupid people..

  18. love how nobody helps

  19. 2:25… Proof that you can never trust a hoe…

  20. Watch very closely at 2:50, he was getting up again. Tss bad editing :p

  21. the moment when being named vitaly actually gives you more views…

  22. This is almost stupid af.. it passes the line of stupidity

  23. I think 47 would be disappointed by the amount of stealth you use

  24. People WAKE UP please… WTF (O_O)

  25. And WTF the people just starring like a harambe😀😁😂

  26. If the killings was real, there wouldn't be anyone helping.. they though that is another prank… Hmmm.. delicious

  27. what's the song playing??

  28. This is stolen from Nosterafutv

  29. 0:50 Hitman would NOT do this in Public …

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