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GTA 5 – NUKE LAUNCHER MOD – FUNNY MOMENTS – Grand Theft Auto Gameplay Video

The Nuke Launcher Mod is the Best in GTA 5! Funny Moments, Grand Theft Auto 5. ▻ Help Us Get 1000000000 Subscribers! http://bit.ly/1NOKqlU ▻Download …

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  1. I think each one of you just earned a spot on the No Fly List for suspected airline terrorism.

  2. this channel loos awesome and it made me laugh in the first 30 seconds, keep it up! CAUSE IM SUSCRIBING

  3. Neebs is right, this is the greatest youtube channel

  4. nukk vido no bome fukk ya its not a nukk

  5. lmao I love you guys, I'm sure you get this alot but whenever something happenes, all I gotta do is watch one of your videos and five minutes later, I completely forget why I was upset

  6. you should make a video of all of your mods

  7. 7:42 All camara angles plus flying bike – Lol

  8. I'll save you some time….There arn't any nukes.

  9. Go ontop of mt chilliad and shoot the city

  10. Click bait is clickbaity

  11. You guys fucking kill me! hahahahah

  12. How did you do the bike mod and the flying mods?

  13. you know what i fucking love this two guys! xD

  14. use the nuke launcher mod on the dam in GTA

  15. I want him to rub my belly

  16. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttt ????

  17. Oh I'm sooooooo scared

  18. When you were on top of the water tower, the way you were playing was making me so mad. I know what kind of a gamer you are, and I can tell you are really pissing off your friend. Stupid troll

  19. I have to know. were can i download the ladder montage song? Whats it called.

  20. How about you blow up in the city?

  21. Hahahha nice action

  22. I come from battle field friends

  23. im still waiting for the nuke

  24. Do you guys know what a nuke is? Apparently not if there aren't any mushroom cloud or a big explosions

  25. damn fake gun useless

  26. Sooo umm, where is this "Nuke Launcher"?

  27. that says one billion. not one million(in the discription)

  28. lol these guys are funny

  29. Anyone else find them annoying.. This is a prime reason of why a Channel should be run by one person singular

  30. They are so annoying

  31. Do you know how you sound like? Know the game series You Don´t Know Jack?

  32. I love your videos keep it up guys

  33. Not even close to be considered a nuke gun thumbs down. Great commentary though

  34. was that the default physics in GTA5, bike stayed in the air, submarine flying??

  35. I want bf1 friends…..

  36. (✿ ❛‿❛)ξ▄︻┻┳═一 (˚☐˚”)/

  37. 7:49 you here neebs these is like E.T

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