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*Today Special Deal* Kids and pets fails #12 Trying to kiss a cat 2017 Enjoy …


  1. Why is the title 2017 if this is from 2015? I'm reporting for misleading title now 😀

  2. That Spider-Man one was sick tho

  3. cats will be the next guns????

  4. trop méchant à 1:56 et au moment où il lui mange la tête c'est trop méchant, moi je ne ferai jamais au grand jamais cette chose même pour rigoler , car un chat c'est aussi un être humain ! imaginez qu'on vous fasse ça , est ce que ça vous aurai plus???? si oui , alors vous ne comprenez rien du tout … vous n'avez pas de coeur !et si non …alors ne faites jamais ça !!!! MERCI d'avance !!!!??

  5. 3:10 WTF did you put your cat on steroids

  6. Just in case if you don't know, On the first one, the cat said, " I don't know!"

  7. THE CAN I HELP U?!?!?!?!?!? IS SO FUNNY

  8. aww! the kitten on my profile is the kitten im getting soon from a friend he's cute any name ideas thinking luke,felix or jasper.

  9. Alot of people in this video, who's using cats as a past time thing.

  10. The cat was like no I don't want to take a stupid bath ???????????????????????????????

  11. jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. 1:44
    (guy)cutest yellow kitty in da world

  13. Batman WHERE'S THE CAT-NIP?!?!?!? Cat I DON'T KNOW!!!!! ??????????

  14. Omg that cats head turned

  15. How is this funny? This is mostly just cat abuse.

  16. from 0:39 to 0:43 I COULD'NT STOP LAUGHING!!!

  17. I had to stop watching. Some of these are just mean.  Shame on you!

  18. lol to every single one

  19. Aww so cute and cuddly ❤️

  20. in the beginning the cat said I don't know!?!?!?

  21. What is your favorite color of cat people? Mine is black.

  22. ?????????????????☺☺☺☺??????????????????????????????????????????????

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