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Funny Guilty Dog Videos Compilation 2016 [BEST OF]

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A guilty dog is funny and cute. These funny videos of guilty dogs and puppies are hilarious. So check out this guilty dog compilation. Thanks for watching!

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  1. dogs can read intent in ur voice.. and sometimes not even voice, when they fucked up and u simply give them the look they allready know

  2. every dog in this video :" Oh noooo…they noticed….but if i dont see them, they wont notice me!"

  3. 1:22 Im begging you please forgive me! 🙁 XD

  4. 1:29 the dog was praying not to get in trouble

  5. Who are the real monsters on this planet. We (the human species) are destroying Earth and we 're going to do the same to Mars and to the rest of the universe. shame on us. Animals are so cute and innocent even when they are naughty.

  6. Shame on you who own the dogs. Its you who needs help!!!!

    Stupid people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 2:07 Looks like you didn't need that extra slice of pizza.

  8. hilarious…….the frozen boston was so cute! they definately know when they've been naughty just like us!

  9. The pug at 03:03 guilty as charged and the dog at 06:04 I did it but I'm not coming out and omg the dogs at 08:18 the poor woman had to clean that up . You know you love them really XD

  10. WOW! At 6:52 that owner was SOOO RUDE! The owner even said DONT look at her/him…just rude ..

  11. This was sooo cute!! (DOGS HAVE FEELINGS) -(speech) To ALL of the bad owners out there, dogs have feelings and like us we have feelings too! And if YOU DO NOT take care of them, then WHY THE HECK would you get that nice friendly dog? We treat them as family! ????????! (DOG LOVER??)

  12. "Guilty" dogs and stupid owners. Stop dog shaming, stop this bullshit!

  13. dog in my country are aggressive as fuck

  14. Dogs are so cute when they are guilty ????

  15. i like the frozen one at 2.50 ??

  16. I have lung cancer and only have 5 days to live

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