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Funny epic pranks and Win ,Fail Compilation Part 19

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  1. the bobsled ride looked awesome I want to go on it…just get rid of the wuss

  2. There was only one PRANK in this video….. roaches.

  3. 1st prank is funny and definitely teaches her a lesson but, he's not the smartest dude and didn't think it through… Why the fuck would you leave the box and let her open it in your car??? Is it fun catching and killing them after that in your own car?? I certainly wouldn't be enjoying that.

  4. hah.. that last guy at the end is such a mega lame… why did he go there? ..

  5. And the man in the bobslade- He slept like a baby that night :)

  6. 4:25 that what i came here

  7. first prank = lesson learned :P

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