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Fail Higher, Faster: Mountain Fails (April 2017) || FailArmy

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Fails on the mountain are instant classics, we’ve got some mountain bike fails, snowboard bails and a few ski fails. We’ve all been there! Send us your funny fail …

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  1. Poor bloke did 21 flips when he came off the skis 🙁 RIP

  2. Hey good person can I use your video to do a dub please

  3. 6:22 "I don't think that's good." yeah no shit

  4. 5:27 Legend says he is still falling to this day..

  5. That one guys laugh tho 😀

  6. 3:34 when your snowmobile needs a break

  7. 0:28 THAT, my friends, is why you wear a helmet.

  8. "I don't think that's good."

  9. 2:00 And a wild monkey was spotted.

  10. Watching these videos don't make me laugh. They just make me feel way better about not being an adventurous/stupid person.

  11. I played Rob Zombie to this…and it fucking rocked…

  12. 2:36 Did he really just say "Owiieeee" lmao?

  13. 1:44 best junkrat ult EUW

  14. anyone who likes sick trap beats should ch3ck out my soundcloud!!! and if u like it follow me for more https://m.soundcloud.com/shaddow-dembitsky

  15. is he still going?
    oh there's a ski…i don't think that's good….lmfao you think???

  16. This is what happens if you fail the final exams

  17. 1:45 They see me rollin' they hatin'.

  18. 3:38 and 6:11 are the same accident, why not put one right after the other!?

  19. on the the the first one the are you good was kind of easy to tell

  20. The guy in the end – I dont think its good. Well you damn right about that!!!!!)

  21. That snowboarder owned the avalanche.. that no fail! Thats a huge win!

  22. You should do a 360 camera fails

  23. 0:29 that helmet saved him otherwise his head would have stuck in the dirt

  24. On 4:00 the camera is all they care about

  25. 2:16 Slovák, to se pozná 😀

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