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Facts You Should Know About Bail Bonds

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What happens if you’re stuck in jail and unable to afford the release fee set by the judge at your hearing? This is a common problem for many Americans, but there is a solution: bail bonds. This system allows for everyone to secure their release from prison while they wait for the dispensation of the charges brought against them. Court cases can take a long time to resolve themselves. Do you want to hang around in a cell while you wait for the courts to decide your fate? Let’s explore some common questions that you may have about these deals.

How can they secure my release if I can’t afford the fee the judge set?

You don’t have to pay the complete fee that was set by a judge! With bail bonds, you only have to pay ten percent to a licensed agent. This agent will cover the rest of the release fee. The prison will release you to the custody of this agent, and they will be responsible to make sure that you appear for your court dates.

Why would they pay my fee?

When the judge sets your release fee, you are allowed to pay the full amount to the court. After your court-case is resolved, you get that money back. However, these fees tend to be pretty expensive. A fee of $5,000 is a lot to pay at one time. Many people cannot afford to spend that much at once. Here is where an agent comes into play. You pay the agent ten percent of the fee set by the judge.

In the case of $5,000, the price you would pay the agent would be $500. This is much better than the full fee, right? The agent will pay the full $5,000 to secure your release, but when your case is resolved, they will keep your $500, plus the $5,000 that they get back.

Ten percent is too high! Can I do better?

You cannot! Due to federal law, all bail bonds must be at least ten percent of the total release fee. If you find an agent who is offering lower fees, either they are unlicensed and they are going to steal your money, or they are operating illegally. Getting mixed up with a shady agent like this will only further your legal troubles. The best thing you can do is take your business elsewhere and notify the appropriate authorities.

What happens if I miss my court date?

This is not a wise move. If you don’t show up, the agent losses their money, and nobody wants to lose $5,000. In short, if you skip your court date, you will be brought back and held in custody until your charges are dispensed with no chance of release.

Bail bonds are a great way for people to stay out of jail while they deal with their legal issues. They are affordable and they are easy to find. Make sure you work with a reputable agent, and the process will be very easy for you.

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