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Entertain your Kids with this funny video – Playful puppies – Baby – Toddlers

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Every wednesday a new video! Please Subscribe! Just a funny video to entertain your toddlers and kids with playful puppies. Have fun!. SUBSCRIBE: …

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  1. i love your puppys thay are soooooooooo cute that i want to pet them and borow it have a wondrfl puppy dayyy ha ha ha ha haaa haaaaa

  2. they are so cute omg and are they bad yes or no

  3. My 6 month old LOVES this video! It calms him down everytime.

  4. ohhh! I want them all 🙁

  5. Is a prety¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  6. so cute and I love the cute little puppy first then I mentioned is a girl or boy

  7. they are so tiny and cute

  8. puppies are cute and funny with out any help its kinda lame you place them in clearly situations they wouldn't do on there own i.e. top of picnic table locked in a child playhouse extra

  9. The first one is puppy abuse

  10. oigd s wv P p
    !knplir2qer hvvhbaybrv mm iboxhu, u u l p, L. .l . that was my little sister she met thanks for making that video
    can you make a another pleased

  11. This puppies made my little sister laugh


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