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Emotional/Crazy Moments In Sports (USA)

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Music credit : The Lumineers – Ophelia / Avicci – The Nights Video credit : YES / ESPN / WBMA / ABC / NBC / FOX / TBS / CBS / CSN.

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  1. I was at the first one ?

  2. this is some redneck shit hahaha

  3. what's name of both songs? great video btw

  4. Nothing from the 2004 ALCS? Why because it makes the Yankees look bad?

  5. This is just all the other recent sports compilations with more dramatic music …. you didn't even have Bo Kimble shooting a lefty free throw

  6. Music city miracle or gtfo

  7. No matter what he does I will forever hate Ortiz for that Grand Slam

  8. Odell Beckham's catch still gives me chills.. Craziest football moment in a while, coming from a Cowboys fan.

  9. What's the name of the first song

  10. 2:17 worst night in yanks history

  11. What was the name of the first song

  12. 1:09 retards at ESPN give the points to the WRONG team.

  13. This was rly good good job I cried

  14. Let me get this straight, a Kris Bryant home run is a magical moment but not David Freese in game 6, I mean ok

  15. 1:15 I'm confused , if it was 72-70 and he made that shot then it was 75-70… So it wouldn't have been for the win because they were already in the lead

  16. 3:05 that was bullshit thanks a lot Benoit we should have made the World Series that year

  17. How is a regular season walk off an emotional moment?

  18. when illinois hit the game winner over kentucky they gave kentucky the points

  19. These are just good plays. Not emotional.

  20. Still can't believe hosmer didn't go home

  21. I would've kept the OBJ play out

  22. this has got to be one of the best videos I've ever seen

  23. You know a video is good when it gives you the chills. This gave me the fucking chills bro

  24. ummmm wheres the hockey?????????????????

  25. Most of these aren't even emotional

  26. Why are these emotional? Like OBJ

  27. No Wilmer Flores crying on the field after he thought he was getting traded?

  28. what was the last one?

  29. what was the last one?

  30. Was at jeters walk off game

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