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Emotional WrestleMania moments – WWE Top 10

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Emotions can get the best of anyone in the WWE Universe during the heat of a WrestleMania battle. Count down the 10 most emotional moments to play out on …

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  1. the rock defeats Cena isnt close to emotional.

  2. y don't you included wrestlemania 31? thats too very emotional

  3. HBK's retirement should be 1st

  4. 1 reason why WWE is dying.

    the fans. yep, every single WWE has a cancerous comment in it.

  5. and where is Chris Benonit's moment, I know I'm just kidding

  6. the feels….. the feels….

  7. the last 1 is a treu story.

  8. When undertakers streak broke I threw my remote………

  9. subskribers my chhanel pz

  10. When brock beat taker the fans reaction is priceless.

  11. 3:27 that pinoy guy just paused his fap ???

  12. this is scripted cuz i cant see how john got beat by a backdrop despite being able to bear cane shots and steelcase crashes at BREAKING RIGHTS against randy orton

  13. Omg they just mentioned hogan

  14. Why did Brock have to end the streak? Why?

  15. Vince is gonna put roman over the last man of the greatest era in WWE history, the undertaker. Thats gonna make number 1 instantly.

  16. So u telling me that Daniel Bryan win at wrestlemania is better than Shawn Michael's retirement match

  17. Brie's last match and Aj Lee's last match? No? Okay.

  18. if roman reigns beat undertaker at wrestlemania…then its end of watching wwe for me…although he is good but not best than brock lesnar….

  19. The rocks old theme was playing

  20. Undertaker's retirement will bring tears to all wwe fans ?

  21. Undertaker vs Heidenriech vs hurricane helms at wrestlemania in a backcloset brawl…book it vince!

  22. 2:52 now that kid is a wrestler

  23. Conner the crusher is the most emotional one and anyone who doesn't agree has no heart

  24. After Brock broke the undertakers streak I hated him????i was soooooooooo pissed now I don't even know what to do now its with roman (my baby) and the undertaker…….My 14 years of life is just messed up?

  25. wwe is scripted idk why people think this is real ?

  26. if undertaker won the streak who do u think will fase him next

  27. this video involved Shawn Micheals a lot…

  28. Brock Lesnar didnèy beat the streak the count is a lot faster than when HBK won the title!

  29. Benoit and Eddie hug?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. End of the streak should be number 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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