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Demi Lovato’s Inspiring and Emotional Moments Reaction!

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Demi Lovato is such a beautiful, amazing human being 🙂 Demi Lovato Inspiring and Emotional Moments Original Video: …

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  1. Thanks Demi for saving millions of lives!!! Your Lovatics will Always be here for you!!! Happy 5 Years Sober!!!

  2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. She inspires me to keep fighting with my disability and stay strong through on and off depression.

  4. I'm going through the same thing I have cuts every where and I wanna stop can I get 5k and I'll try really hard:(

  5. this made me cry a waterfall??she's so amazing??

  6. she is the reason why Im alive . I was in 4th grade when I heard of her and her song skyscraper. her music helped me get thought some of the most hardest times of my life. she was an example for strength and love. without her I might not be here .

  7. Mental health does this. I have really bad anxiety, depression, panic attacks and ptsd. I self harm as well. You pretend to be happy but when you're alone, especially in the middle of the night, you break down. It hurts and some people have no idea. They still bully you. They still treat you badly. You still want to kill yourself. You just want it to be over. You feel so alone. Demi's been my role model for a long time. Her music and her book Staying Strong has made me feel like I'm not as alone.

  8. I deal with depression, anxiety, social anxiety, self harm, bipolar disorder, self image issues Suicide attempts etc. and literally Demi Lovato is the reason why I'm still here!! I saw her and Nick Jonas in concert on 7/6/16 but when Demi came onto the stage not only did I see someone I grew up with when she was on Disney Channel I saw my inspiration my role model, my reason of still being here!! she taught me how to love my self and so much more!! I will never forget that summer when I saw Demi <3

  9. When I saw her cry I'm starting to cry too

  10. She is such an inspiration and so strong. I'm proud of who she became ❤️

  11. This makes me so sad. In so many ways I go through the same things and some days I feel like I will never fell better I also have bi polar and I go somewhere every week to get help but I just feel hopeless but Demi Lovato is such an inspiration. I hope I will be as strong as her one day?

  12. React to Girls Like Girls

  13. Can you react to french song or rap? please! ❤?

  14. I love u danny i cant wait until u reach A million subs i can just imagine dat 🙂

  15. please react to louisa Johnson x factor uk audition 2015

  16. i cut because of bullying. ?

  17. love demi lovato good choice too doo this video ???????

  18. Subscribe to me for try not to's!

  19. When you ask Danny to pin this video and it never worked and when you wait a little bit it still works.

  20. I heard you saying that you struggle with anxiety so I just wanted to tell you that this is something serious and you should ask for help so you can live a healthier life. I love you and thanks for making this video. Demi is really an inspiration to millions and I am so proud of how far she came and she keeps going even tho she has a mental illness. This is what I call bravery. ?

  21. Love this channel so much oml Danny you are ruining my life

  22. She is an inspiration to thousands of girls and boys me included and I know ? I love her so much because of her I'm alive

  23. this video was so beautiful.

  24. But now she's a warrior <3

  25. Like rihanna half of my life?

  26. Plsss do more of rihanna ones

  27. Danny please please please react to Blackpink! ?

  28. React to Demi Lovato singing "Give Me Love" by Ed Sheeran!!!!

  29. am i the only one who cried trough the video? i love demi so so so much she is my idol she is my everything!! ??????

  30. Last time I had the opportunity of meeting her and also giving a lot of thanks for helping me on the worst moments with her music and she smiled me so hard and say "thanks to you"
    I love her. Thanks for the video Danny, it was so emotional ❤️

  31. React to keeping up with fifth harmony

  32. Hey random person in the comments!!
    I just wanted to say
    You're more beautiful than you think,
    More talented than you know
    and more loved than you could possibly imagine
    You deserve to be happy and adored, don't let anyone take that away from you xx

  33. Dani, we love your videos!!!! Could you pretty please react to Logan Henderson's Sleepwalker video!? He was a member of Big Time Rush! Please ?

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