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CORGI DOG MEETS ANGRY CAT — FAIL || Life After College: Ep. 522

*Today Special Deal*

Corgi Dog Reacts to #Cat for 1st Time! Also Corgi Santa Paws Meetup, YouTube Office Tour, Christmas Shopping, Cooking Chicken Parmesan, Purple Cushion, …

*Today Special Deal*

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  1. The song sounds like moana song from Maui "Your Welcome"

  2. My favorite movie is moana

  3. The song is "your welcome" from moana

  4. Your welcome from moana

  5. the song is your welcome from the move Moana

  6. Your welcome is the song

  7. the song is from Moana Maui the song is Melanie saying thank you

  8. my favorite movie is moana

  9. you're welcome by Mawi in the movie Moana

  10. Its sure Your Life Is Happy And Fun??

  11. Ryen your awesome So many new things to learn. Slippers to clean room gloves to dry your hair cool. Hurrah hurrah will try to present it to my cousin some day.

  12. I named the song Gasby having fun

  13. Yesterday I watched Moana.

  14. the song is familiar to me

  15. I don't know what it is????

  16. I totally LOVE your Corgi! You inspired me too get a Corgi and I am going to name it, Gatsby the 2nd! Also the song you played on your lovely small Guitar (That I dont kow the name to, Sorry) is called "Yourwelcome" from the new movie Disney: Moana. :-)


  18. the song mowe sings in moewana
    sorry for it doesn't not spell correct

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