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CGI Sexy Animated Film “VAMPIRE’S CROWN” Funny animation by Hertfordshire University

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A grumpy vampire has a toothache and takes a visit to the dentist. He is tempted to bite the sexy dentist, and tries to go for her after she fits a gold crown on his …

*Today Special Deal*

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  1. the 2nd face hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. i hate the boy's face in the first place

  3. this reminds me of how much pain you would feel when the dentist would pull your teeth out

  4. Boys will fall for that I guess.

  5. so the only thing scarier than a vampire is a dentist

  6. Xxxaasxxxxxxxdddddddeeeeejđffdeghmhn. Bbvgffhhjhghgghgghghjhjhg hh🍖🍥🍲🍜🍕🍣🍱🍝🍚🍗🍟🍔🍷🍹🍹🍸🍺🍼🍶🍶🍵☕️

  7. omg he
    Boobs?????If that happens to me I'd scream a lot for just about half of the day

  8. soooo sexy

    So hot vampire!

    I gotta go to the bathroom later :)

  9. what a very unlucky vampire, the way he walks tho XD

  10. I'm never gonna be a dentist now

  11. This isnt funny at all

  12. Dentistry on a vampire? That is hillarious in concept alone.

  13. the click bate is real

  14. That hellsing reference tho XD

  15. I think the vampire is gay with the Dentist

  16. if this is sexy you must have a very strange fetish for… whatever the fuck is in this video that I don't know exists.


  18. 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  19. falto mas creatividad la.idea estuvo interesante pero no quedo

  20. Sorry Ich habs vergessen, aber WAS IST DARAN LUSTIG?!

  21. that kid's laugh sounds like Teemo.

  22. i would have done the same thing that kid did.

  23. 2:26 swigity swooty Imma comin for dat booty

  24. i did not understand that and fyi whats the music got to do with it

  25. I came 3 times. Nice vid!

  26. As a vampire i find this offensive

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