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Facts About Jamaica

*Today Special Deal* Below we offer a few facts about Jamaica which you may find interesting. The main language spoken on this the third largest island in the Caribbean is English but Patois is also spoken and the capital of the island is Kingston. On the island there are now …

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Barbie Doll Fun Facts – A Trip Through Time

*Today Special Deal* Since 1959, Mattel's Barbie doll has been a smash hit with little girls around the world. Barbie has certainly seen it all over the years. Here are just a few facts to see if you can remember some of the more important moments in the life of …

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Facts About Spring Cleaning

*Today Special Deal* Spring cleaning is the date in spring time set aside for cleaning a house, usually carried out in climates with a cold winter. Spring cleaning strengthens the importance of keeping germs out of the home to stop many infectious diseases before they happen. Spring cleaning is a …

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Facts About Single Parenting

*Today Special Deal* From the seventies single parents have increased. This is because of the problems in marital life and divorce. There are some couples who do not wed but have a child of their relationship. In such a case at the time of separation the child is left with …

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Facts About the Ovarian Cyst

*Today Special Deal* The ovarian cyst is a sac containing liquid, solid material or both, that has attached on the surface of the ovary or has developed inside of it. The ovarian cyst is not a rare disease and seems to affect women aged from 30 to 60. Both ovaries …

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Llanelli – Carmarthenshire – Facts About the Town

*Today Special Deal* The town of Llanelli – Carmarthenshire is located in the county of Carmarthenshire in Wales. This large town is situated along the Loughor estuary on the coast of western side of Wales. You can reach the town by travelling 16 kilometres from the northwestern side of Swansea. …

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Facts About Drug Addiction

*Today Special Deal* You may rightfully get upset when you find out someone you love is an addict. You may think that the person chooses to take drugs for fun. Choosing to take drugs is not a choice in the life of an addict. He or she is addicted to …

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Did You Know? Fun Facts About Our 2012 Presidential Candidates.

*Today Special Deal* Did you know? Fascinating Facts about Our Campaign 2012 Candidates. No matter what side of the fence you fall upon, one thing can be agreed upon.Both presidential candidates are interesting to say the least. Did you know? Obama is one of a handful of presidents who are …

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Catapult Your Success With These Simple Bearded Dragon Facts

*Today Special Deal* The Bearded Dragon lizard is capable of living a healthy and active life in captivity. They do well when they are able to interact with both their owner and other bearded dragons. Here are some interesting facts that will aid in healthy and happy bearded dragon care. …

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