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How to Stay Healthy

Staying healthy in this day and age can be a challenge between fast food restaurants on every corner, unlimited entertainment options that promote inactivity, and a medicinal solution to treat most conditions, there is little motivation for taking responsibility for your health. Making positive health choices can help you feel …

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Communication Tips: Five Tips for Breaking Bad News

The other day I opened a letter from my health insurance provider only to read the following terse statement. “NOTES 01: – Your plan does not cover your claim of $2,000 dollars.” It was bad news – I was expecting a cheque reimbursing me for some major dental work I …

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Jay Z and Beyonce – In the News

There is so much of interesting news on Jay Z And Beyonce both hugely popular singers in their own right. Both have sold millions of albums world wide and have adoring fans lapping every news bit of theirs. One of the biggest news is that Beyonce and Destiny’s Child are …

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2009 NFL Sleepers Team

As the NFL season draws closer so does the talk about the top 2009 NFL Sleepers Team picks up. Some of the important changes have been witnessed during the off season; new trades have been made, players inducted, legal issues plaguing the players, and recovering players join the teams. All …

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The Future Does Not Exist

Yes, the good news is that it is really true. There is no such thing as the future. It only exists as a thought in our minds. It is not a reality. It is just a concept. Yet so many people make their lives measurable by constantly fearing the future. …

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Sports Recreation News

When it comes to finding out what is going on with your favorite sports you can turn to a few different methods to get the latest updates. You will find that there are at least 5 sport recreation news sources that you can utilize in order to get all of …

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Health News: Medical Breakthroughs

Over the years, medical scientists have worked so hard to shed light to the most puzzling areas of health and medicine. These people spend most of their time doing research for the benefit of the humanity. If you are reading health news on a regular basis, you would understand how …

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