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Sample Hardship Letters Helping to Save Your Home

*Today Special Deal* A foreclosure for anyone can be devastating financially, emotionally and psychologically. Your family is forced to physically move away from friends, family and neighbors that they have come to love and lean on. As if that is not enough, you have to face incessant calls from bill …

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Keep Him From Cheating – Meet His Needs

*Today Special Deal* Do you want to have the power to keep him from cheating on you? Do you know how to meet his needs and keep his interest forever? Are you ready to stop feeling like your man might stray from you? Men cheat because they aren’t happy in …

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Improve Your Acting – 10 Reasonably Good Tips!

*Today Special Deal* You could probably fill a library with all the books on how to improve your acting! So to save you a little time I have put together a list of 10 tips, that I hope, will help you the most. Know your script. Read, re-read and then …

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11 Overused Break Up Lines of All Time

*Today Special Deal* Being in a relationship takes work, on both sides, but what happens when one of you are ready to move on, and are trying to ease out of the relationship, trying to maintain their dignity, and not impugn on yours? They use break up lines. Given below …

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The Mystery Of Polish Sausage – What Is Kielbasa?

*Today Special Deal* Without a doubt the word Kielbasa has worldwide recognition, yet it is also often misunderstood. Kielbasa is the general Polish name for sausage. You cannot walk into a Polish store and say: please give me a pound of kielbasa. The sales lady, surrounded by 50 different kinds …

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The "Why Investment Banking?" Interview Question – How to Give a 10/10 Answer

*Today Special Deal* In a sea of overachievers who are equally talented, likeable and prepared, the “Why investment banking?” interview question can be the only differentiating question left for bankers to ask; making it both a popular & decisive question. Whilst for college students who don’t look like aspiring bankers …

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The Best Way to Repair a Faucet

*Today Special Deal* Faucets are an inseparable part of any home and they are put to use almost every single day. Thus keeping the faucets in a working condition is important. Numerous issues can plague faucets. Sometimes they leak while at others they might make a noise. In some cases, …

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How to Use WOMMA

*Today Special Deal* WOMMA is the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. Founded in 2007 to create ethical guidelines for marketers and offer resources, it provides support to the marketing and advertising industry. The WOMMA site provides a huge amount of free information. If you are doing any word-of-mouth marketing or …

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6 Keys to Guaranteed Entrepreneur Success

*Today Special Deal* I’m often asked, ” What advice would you give to someone who has made the decision to start their own business?” To that I answer, “You can have the best entrepreneur ideas on the planet, but if you don’t follow the 6 golden rules of entrepreneur success, …

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