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Type 2 Diabetes – The Three Stages to Recovery

*Today Special Deal* The epidemic of Type 2 diabetes is here, and it is likely going to stay. The facts are not kind, and statistics show it is only going to get worse. Thankfully, more and more people are beginning to realize it is a deadly disease we must not …

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Parabolic Solar Oven

*Today Special Deal* Mention solar power to someone and they immediately think of solar panels. A parabolic solar oven, however, has a much more practical use when it comes to feeding ourselves. Parabolic Solar Oven While searching for ways to reduce the use of nonrenewable resources, you might encounter solar …

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Are Bose 601 Speakers Really the Best?

*Today Special Deal* For anyone who loves music and crisp, clear sound, the name Bose probably means much more than “speaker company”. In fact, Bose has long been known to produce the best speakers on the market. The revolutionary technology that Bose speakers use started in their 601 series, and …

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Everything About Life Insurance!

*Today Special Deal* I want to start off this 2010 with an article regarding Life Insurance. Many people find this topic morbid but believe me when I say this contract is as important as a Will and should be taken just as seriously as health insurance. Due to the length …

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The Power of Trust- Tools for Life

*Today Special Deal* Trusting ourselves and others and in fact trusting the Universe. How does this all work out? Let us see, when we trust ourselves then we are connected to the Universe within, therefore connected to the Universe without. When we are connected to the Universe without, then in …

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Cowboys Kick Dirt

*Today Special Deal* My oldest son is a soldier. He arrived in this life, the day before my 34th birthday, kicking and screaming like a banchee, and to be honest, he hasn’t stopped. He’ll take a good battle over the easy road any day of the week, but he gets …

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Naughty Dirty Games to Play With Your Boyfriend Over Text

*Today Special Deal* There’s nothing that can make your boyfriend anticipate sex more than dirty games over text. The beauty of these games is that you are free to express whatever you feel as there are no set rules. They also present the perfect platform to express your dirtiest feelings …

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Depression Can Strike Anyone at Anytime

*Today Special Deal* Even though the majority of us are more aware of the prevalence of mental illness, there is still a stigma attached to the subject and many of us often still find it an uncomfortable issue to discuss. Whether we know someone who is suffering from depression or …

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Does Your New Peugeot Have Gap Insurance?

*Today Special Deal* If you’ve recently purchased a new Peugeot you could be driving around in a financial time-bomb. A bold statement you might think? Most definitely, although not unfounded, as Peugeot’s tend to depreciate just as much as most other mass produced cars and, on certain models, they drop …

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