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How to Make Your Wife a Hotwife

*Today Special Deal* While many men would love their wives to be hotwives, there’s an important piece of the puzzle missing — the piece that tells them how to get from here to there. And it’s not a trivial question because most men instinctively know their wives will not react …

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The Caffeine

*Today Special Deal* German chemist Friedlieb F. Runge discovered caffeine in 1920. The original word was “kaffein” derived from the German word that means coffee. Caffeine is a naturally occurring chemical that’s found in various fruits, leaves and plant beans. In natural form caffeine provides the plant with natural pesticide …

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True Love By Isaac Asimov

*Today Special Deal* Isaac Asimov not only easily captures his insight of possible future problems, but is also noteworthy because of his ability to make the reader think about the meaning of true love itself. True Love is written in the future about a scientist named Milton Davidson that is …

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The Ten Steps to Self-Reliance

*Today Special Deal* The best way to succeed in today’s crazy economic environment is to become as self-reliant as possible. In order to succeed, you must be different and interesting…you need to make your mark. No matter what the state of the economy, you need to know who you are, …

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An Introduction To Hats

*Today Special Deal* Through history, humans have always covered their heads. In the beginning, people wore hats for only functional reasons. During bad weather, people would wear hats to protect themselves from the elements. During cold weather hats helped prevent the loss of body heat, especially when you consider that …

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How to Choose a Diet Supplement Pill to Lose Weight

*Today Special Deal* Most people are facing the problem of obesity or overweight. As a matter of fact, it is very easy for us to gain weight. But it is not as easy when we want to lose a few pounds. There are also some health risks associated with overweight …

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