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13 Facts About the Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea popularly known in the Bible as the “Salt Sea” is an inland body of water that is rich in mineral content and plays a prominent role in the Bible by acting as a barrier that blocked the traffic from the East. Dead Sea has some post biblical names …

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Funny Cat Behaviors and What to Do About Them

Cats sure have interesting ways of expressing themselves. Some are cute, and some, well, can hurt. Most cat owners know about love chomps, those playful nips cats give at times. They are different than true, defensive bites, which draw blood and really hurt. Love chomps are given out of affection, …

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Seven Fun Facts About Spiders

A lot of people fear spiders because some of them are poisonous. Other people fear the thought of being bitten. Let’s explore spiders in general and give you some facts about common spiders. Though spiders have simple eyes, they usually are not well developed. Instead, spiders use vibrations, which they …

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Touching Movie Moments

SPOILERS!!!! Gets me every time… almost πŸ˜› 1. Up 2. I am Legend 3. the Invention of Lying 4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 5. Click (I hold no rights to any … source Please follow and like us:

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