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Cat Jumps And Attacks Man Opening PS4 Christmas Present on Video (Christmas Fails)

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  2. Er hat eine Vollspastik das hat selbst den Kater genervt!

  3. Dog bites someone; dog gets euthanized. Cat bites someone; cat gets a new home.

  4. The cat attacked because he scared the cat and the cat used its self defense and attacked it's not the cats fault he scared it when he yelled

  5. The master race strikes back.

  6. You're talking so much shit, I can smell it from here.

  7. the cat from Nintendo

  8. well this is just conjecture, but i notice many adult cats tend to dislike human kids. perhaps when he got over excited like that he started giving off similar vibes like a little kid, and the cat just wasn't having it.

  9. One more reason to hate nasty ass cats,fuck cats they are assholes

  10. 12 year olds "I'd kill that cat, fuck that shit"

    Stfu, your mom still pays for the internet you talk shit on.

  11. U better not do any thing bad to that cat after it attack u. It's just a cat soo just don't do anything bad to it because I love cats

  12. I feel bad for that guy

  13. Thats why i am scared of cats

  14. good job cat, 25-year baby and PS4…

  15. I bet it's because the cat wanted an xbox

  16. UB40 MUSICA If that cat to you what would you do nothing probabaly cause you are a fucking retard like comment if IM RIGHT MERRY CHRISTMAS

  17. Aww Dom i appreciate you to . Now make more videos

  18. Fake injuries … the cat wasnt even close to that head area

    Cats leave razor sharp clean cuts

    A zombie bit his head

  19. Like Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler, and Spencer Stone
    Train Hero style, the heroic cat meowed to the dog, "Let's go"

  20. I got nothing for Christmas while my sister do, what a fucking life 😥😥🖕🖕🖕

  21. Guess that cat is a Xbox fan 😬😅

  22. dude shut up just play the video

  23. im laughing hella hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. didnt you have a gaming channel once

  25. the cat wanted an Xbox

  26. The cat thought he was having a seizure 👀

  27. who got a PlayStation 4 for Christmas

  28. The cat wanted a Xbox lol!

  29. SJW cat triggered by white male happiness.

  30. This cat would be dead…..If it attacked me it would die. I would pet it and get a rope around his neck and take his ass out side and start swinging till he stopped moving….Cats SUCK!

  31. my aunt has a cat and its the devil i swear he is so evil im literally scared of him this is why i dont like cats bad experiences they can be so evil not every cat is but damn… im a dog person anyway :P

  32. Man this shit is funny but I hope that guy turned out alright

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