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Operation Citadel 4 July 1943

buy now Modern mechanized warfare is characterized by a high level of mobility and lethality. Recent conflicts like the 1973 Yom Kippur War prove this to be true. Future conflicts will also be characterized by high levels of mobility and firepower accompanied by high loss rates on both sides. The …

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Germany Documents of War 1933-1945

buy now Anglo-German Relations from Munich to Prague Upon his return from the Munich Conference, Mr. Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister, no doubt fully intended to carry out a policy of peace. But the Conservative Opposition was of a different mind, and Chamberlain was therefore unable to put the Anglo-German …

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Fall Gelb The German Army in France 10 May 1940

buy now “THE Germans are bound to attack in the late spring or early summer. They simply cannot wait until we and the British attain superiority in manpower and materials.” It is the French Minister at the Hague speaking, the clever and charming Baron de Vitrolles, and the date of …

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Coordinating Public Debt and Monetary Management

buy now Edited by V. Sundararajan, Peter Dattels, and Hans Blommestein, this volume outlines strategies for managing public debt, developing government securities markets, and coordinating those activities with monetary management through legal, administrative, and operational arrangements. Both transition and market economies are surveyed. The analysis draws partly on the literature …

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Current Legal Issues Affecting Central Banks, Volume I: 001

buy now Edited by Robert C. Effros, this first volume in a new series for attorneys, economists, financial managers, and the general public is based on biennial IMF seminars held for central bank general counsels. Among the topics analyzed by international banking and legal experts are jurisprudence concerning the IMF’s …

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Central America: Structural Foundations for Regional Financial Integration (International Monetary Fund Book)

buy now Intraregional financial activity in Central America has grown substantially in the past decade, contributing to efficiency and economic development. At the same time, the expansion of activities by regional conglomerates has increased the challenges to supervisory authorities of containing the risks of contagion. Prepared as part of the …

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