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Best Street Drifting Fails Wins 2017 – Crazy Idiot Funny Driving

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LiFe StyLe is All About Cars: Car Drifting, Drift Fail Win, Car Slideshows, Sports Car, Racing Cars Compilations and Car Videos Of New Released Vehicles From …

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  1. Where did you find that pic ? The one that have a yellow Supra and an Orange Fairlady Z?

  2. Hey LiFe StyLe why did you put Max D in a car video Just asking

  3. Where's the thumbnail from

  4. Trying to figure out how half of theses are even fails

  5. My kart instructor told me as a kid , if you slide son , you're loosing time …..

  6. What song is playing at 0:55

  7. Turks are not Arab 😉 BMW 34 Istanbul Turkey 😉 Toyota in Arabic Lands

  8. 3:15 have you noticed that Arabic guy's air freshener with American flag lol

  9. Expensive car owners are idiots cause obviously, you can't buy driving skills.

  10. That bouncing Nissan lowrider trying to drift with the Dr. Dre music edit at 5:31 was so funny 🙂 LoL

  11. I think when you can make your front wheels turn 180 degrees is going a little far. If that Turk with the American air freshner had that car that could turn 180 degrees, he would of fell out the passenger door.

  12. The one at 3:20 who's driving DK from Tokyo Drift, that was epic!!!


  14. putamadre me dieron ganas de ver de nuevo initial d

  15. Wait a second……… did you see that ??? at 3:20 ……. enhance…….. its a ISIS MEMBER WITH A U.S CAR FRESHENER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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