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Best PARKOUR Fails of March 2017 | Funny Fail Compilation

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Brand new weekly compilation of the best PARKOUR of March 2017. Funny compilation of missed jumps, falls from buildings, free running nut shots, painful …

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  3. alguém sabe me dizer onde fica esse monumento, estátuas, lugar, em 5'46"?

  4. 4:57 revenge of the nerds.

  5. Promising rebuild daily genius hide resistance get cognitive hope high.

  6. The laughing in the video makes it harder xD

  7. Parkour = Activity for Oxygen Thieves.

  8. I'm ur 300000 subscriber

  9. Alguien sabe el nombre de la canción del minuto 7:01

    Someone knows the name of the song of the minute 7:01

  10. What is the song of the minute 9:00

  11. These people are lucky that they didn't die?

  12. Just guys here….guess that's cuz we know how to do jumping and bumping the real way and videos of girls failure just don't exists…

  13. Parkour has to be the most painful hobby I've seen!

  14. dude at 6.50 got his mom to help

  15. Poor idiots. They should pay for the damage they did.

  16. Some of these "girls" actually deserved it…

  17. father:you are dumb son: really do you think im dumb,i have to show you something

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