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Best MBA Interview Video revealed: Must watch for CMAT, CAT takers

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Best MBA Personal Interview Video revealed: Must watch for CMAT, CAT takers.

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  1. is this interview about english ?
    sir our pm also not know english very well
    english is not anything
    i think you are not perfect for interviewer and as a sir

  2. didnt saw this bullshit ever u r rejected get lost

  3. bhaai english k toh maar k hi rakh di

  4. this interview is not real..fake fake fake

  5. bhai itna bura mazak kyu kar raha… aisa video upload kar ke

  6. traffic is not good sir, people come from here people come from their people come from no where sir …. ? bwahahahaahahaaa …. but still her expression is so cute ?

  7. man the interview was really bad , even the introduction part was cringeworthy .

  8. When both can speak in Hindi why are they struggling or making her to struggle…. I dont know what is wrong with you ex-colonial slaves still have the same colonial mentality to humiliate non English Indian speakers. Just try to humiliate a French, German, Italian or a Japanese who speak no English or broken English then you will find out what will happen to you.

  9. She is just acting, how we would give answers in interviews as innocent

  10. The person who upload this time lossing horrible NAKU video must me HANGED……………………..F*k off….

  11. The only thing is to do is just bark bark bark. ok nothing to lack sooooooo much in interview

  12. this is the worst interview ever

  13. how many of you so called perfectionist visited school in free time and colleges to guide and help the students to empower student community…….. we need stand together and unite to built strong india

  14. please do not make fun of people who doesn't speak fluently yar English is not everything for success in life

  15. a girl have courage to talk in English even though she is not comfortable, many of our Indian brothers and sisters are facing these problems as they do not have the correct infrastructure and kind institutions to learn that much hard
    so respect for the girl
    as I follow nation first policy and her efforts are brilliant

  16. If you are acting ok but why did you mentionned you are from andhra university. Its like insulting andhra university and its education is high standard than your north indian universities. Andhra people can speak english then you people. Dont try to insult other and spoil the image of others.

  17. Is this is a fake video

  18. Instead of FORCING the Indians to learn 3 languages ie. Mother Tongue, Hindi (The so called National Language), and English. It would be a lot better that Indians are taught only English as the Language and by default everyone converses in the Mother Tongue. Interesting to note that all the Legislators who force the rest of the Indians to learn Hindi and other regional languages are getting their siblings educated in EU/NA/ANZ etc.

  19. Her economy sounds stupid..

  20. This is worst ever…..title is fake

  21. i want my 15 minutes time back u idiots.

  22. i Really like simple girls

  23. She is not intellect , just data .less then average.

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