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2012 Internet Cat Video Festival

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The first Internet Cat Video Festival (#catvidfest) took place at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on August 30, 2012, as a part of its Open Field …

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  1. Can you somehow get the 2016 one?

  2. Boycott the Oscars! Watch the Golden Kitties!!

  3. I admire this event. Puma-Cougar will be there next summer. Love it!

  4. I hope that the "NO MORE!* cat wins this year's video contest. Wish I could be there – may it be a huge success!

  5. Toronto ontario tiff cat festival next week on friday

  6. i would like to see the next internet cat video festival !

  7. never knew they made a festival

  8. great event!

    meow from "Sven the cat"

  9. this Kattie Hill is very beautiful

  10. 2 days away! If it hits 10,000 people again this will be crazy since I didn't make last years. I want a picture with Grumpy cat.

  11. I have my tickets for this year's Internet Cat Video Film Festival. I'm sure it will be more awesome that last years! 😀

  12. Are you guys having this next year? My sister and I may just have to have a little road trip…

  13. Someday…..yes. Someday…

  14. MEOW!

    i hope you took my video 🙂

  15. great idea for raising money for shelters…

  16. Hmm… Compare 0:10 of this clip to the beginning of my video posted in 2006.

    If the Walker thinks enough of my MGM lion idea to use it in their promotions, I'd think the least they could do is play my video at their festival.

  17. Fuck! im in the fucked up part of youtube :S
    oh nwm it's just MURICA!

  18. 4:02
    "you expecting me to blow these out or somethin.."

  19. Thanks for the great interview!

  20. I have so much respect for the Walker for the Cat Video Film Festival. Brilliant. I'm going to buy membership!

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